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Maltesers and Redhead Advertising

Not sure that this is bias for or against, but certainly an interesting use of redheads.

What was it that made the ad creative behind this advert choose an entirely redhead family? Is it simply the social stereotype that redhead = irish/scottish = catholic = no contraception = big families? and if so, should that equate to sweet toothed?

Or perhaps they are themselves of the titian community and wanted to get a new gig for all the child actors currently consigned to being cast as sub-Weasley clones.

Why are several of the little girls wearing stylised glasses? I don’t think they’re supposed to all work in hoxton, so I’m assuming it’s not a style statement – but another nod in the direction of the “ginger = gawky geek” stereotype.

The ad agency AMV BBDO have been associated with Mars/Maltesers in the past, but whether they still hold the account, I don’t know. May have to do some further digging.

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