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Redhead bias

25 October, 2008 Leave a comment

Those who know me also know that there are too many examples of this… and at the drop of a hat, or the drop of another glass of wine, I will tell you about many of them.

The hypothesis is simple:

Redheaded males only get cast in roles as either

a) mentally unhinged – either evil or misguided or geek-freak-beyond-belief or

b) the lovable dispensable friendly sidekick might as well go around with a sign on their head saying “going to die, or going to get kidnapped and saved by the <brown/blond/black haired> hero”

So, today saw two examples:

1. Proper Clever at Liverpool’s Playhouse. Adam Gillen did a marvellous job as Matthew – the geek freak, probably gay, definitely a bit odd. I wonder, is there a reason why casting pictures are always in black and white? is there? hmm?

2. Julian Rhind-Tutt in Merlin today.  A nice performance, as one would expect from the mop-headed one (one of the best current proponents of the ginger magic on our screens). Green Wing was masterful and he did a lot for the cause. But in this case his magician was, yes, you guessed, a psychotic revenge-seeking madman. Nice.

Mop-head magician

Mop-head magician

while I’m about it

3. The Wii. You cannot make your wii mii have red hair? Trust me, I have tried.

More anon, no doubt.

Notice, no red

Notice, no red

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