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34 days to go: Riba, RSVPs and Rings

24 January, 2010 Leave a comment

This week lots of things happened. The best of which for me was spending some of friday afternoon with the best man sorting him a morning suit (black tails, dark pinstripe, grey waistcoat and grey tie in case you want to join us) and getting ourselves to Riba to join the FMA in a food tasting with catering queen Bobby and an arrangements discussion with organiser extraordinaire Julia.

The food was great. The wine was too. And the plans all fit the bill.

Yesterday we met with D2 to hand over the final invites they hadn’t/couldn’t put in the post. 90% have gone out and the others will early this week. We have to thank my good friend Mr Max Gadney who did a wonderful job of helping us to come up with an idea which was close to our hearts. We love walking, and mountains, and the Lake District… and Wainwright.  Also thanks Max for, er, bending the copyright rules (it’s a homage, we’ll make a donation).

In case you wondered, it’s the north western fells, Grassmoor. The ascent from Rannerdale via Red Gill.

To all the people who’ve commented how much they like the invites: please make sure you send an email saying how many of you are coming, whether you need to put kids in the creche and if you have any special dietary requirements other than vegetarian.


And finally, I tried on a ring this week. One of those that measures your size.

I’m R +½. Which seems appropriate.


Week 8 : Pressure? What pressure?

22 November, 2009 Leave a comment

Eight weeks of being engaged.. and still on track. Still love her. She still seems to love me. So far, so good.

Mildly freaky is, of course, the fact that in 3 months and 5 days I shall be married. Blimey.

New news: we think we’ve cracked the venue. Final negotiation conversation still to be had, but we think we’re there. phew. and assuming it all goes according to plan, it’s going to be a fantastic place for a big bash. More details asap. Good “learnings” for us about how we make decisions, too. Differently, is how we make decisions. But if it doesn’t kill you, … right?

Lots of other tasks are also being dealt with: Lists of invitees being prepared, thinking about the ceremony, official paperwork being done, initial conversation with the Best Man brother Steve raised some good ideas and showed his wit is being finely honed (damn). Fi found her shoes after deciding that the Manolos just weren’t worth it. Also, various trips for dress-needy bridesmaids are in the pipeline.

[Would you believe that, even with more than 3 months to go, Fi is classed as a “late” bride. and of course, that incurs an extra fee… even though they don’t have to do anything in a rush! yet another swiz from the wedding-fleecing industry]

Bad news on the guest front is that Mrs Roberts (nee Stannett) won’t be able to join. If only I’d told her the date a week earlier, then perhaps her visit to London could have been extended. Such a shame.

Finally, more practical stuff: Hen do is planned for the 30th Jan weekend and Stag do will be the week before or after. Mentions of clippers being brought on stag do are not funny…

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