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27 days to go: The Count, The Cakes

31 January, 2010 1 comment

OK, so firstly, CAKES!!!

Yes, I said cakes. I think we forgot to put it on the info sheet with the invites, but we’re going to have a cake table. No official wedding cake – but a WI-style cake table for you all to bring cakes. There may be judging of them (the FMA’s sister Sarah (FSIL) wants judging because she thinks there’s a rosette in there for her) – and there will definitely be cutting and eating. But, the message is – if you want to – make a cake and either deliver it to Riba the day before, the morning of, or bring it to the wedding. I love cake.

Secondly, the Count:

Thank you to all those who’ve replied already to the invites that went out. If you haven’t then popping an email to would be good – and then if you wish to send a formal, old-school note, feel free.

Interestingly, my team win on the rapid response, but the clough team pulls it back later in the week and we end up with, after Week 1, ayers rsvps just ahead. on email. BUT, if you add in the postal replies, then the cloughs have it by 13 – 7. Which means, of course, they come out as Week 1 Winners at 32 – 28.

Conclusions? Not sure. But does it suggest that the clough ‘massive’ is slower off the mark, less email friendly, a bit more formal, but as a whole have got into their stride? Or am I just, surprise, surprise, over analysing the data? Or, am I just applying unnecessary KPIs?


Week 2

11 October, 2009 Leave a comment

Week 2 concluded – and just returned from celebrating with the wider Clough clan in Oxfordshire.

Engagement present-giving is, it’s claimed, a Scottish thing and so we now benefit from the addition to our 2 households of some lovely gifts. No idea where any of it’s going to go once we combine both sets of everything… there may be a radical sorting of stuff and a bumper charity sale to be had.

Plans have been talked about – but no specifics on place or time. Only a few things are certain: a wedding ceremony, a massive party, karaoke (likely to be a first song not a first dance – start thinking of your tune now) and a cake table for everyone/anyone to bring their best work for general consumption. And death. And taxes. Oh, and we’ll toss a coin to see whose cake we cut for the pictures.

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