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Week 4 : what a week!

25 October, 2009 Leave a comment

We hardly knew Fr Gerard. A few homilies over the last couple of years, a word or two from Deirdra, Roger and Andy’s Helen, and a shake of the hand after mass. Not enough to counter the mild apprehension, excitement and slightly raised heartbeat as we stood outside the presbytery waiting for The Meeting.

Apprehension was unnecessary. A lovely chat followed : Fr G complemented Fi on matching his consulting sofa (she’s so cunning the way she blends in) and we talked of relationships, backgrounds and the approach to marriage – and, of course, the setting of the date.

One of the benefits of getting married in this parish is that car park life is so intertwined with the Arsenal fixture list that there’s no way you could accidentally clash with a home game. Gooners, you’re fine. It’s 27th Feb. Stoke City away.

I rang the FoG immediately and asked him what he was doing on that day next year. “I’m not sure,” he says “I’ll have to check the long range diary. Why? Were you thinking of golf?”. The Father of the Groom’s foggy acronym was apt for that moment.

A busy week ensued with a birthday beer with Best Man Brother, preparation for India, work in Newcastle and the ‘pool and then welcoming Loakey into the world. Congratulations Fran and Chris, Beatrice Chiara is Bea-utiful.

One downside to the week: Shez and Alicia’s Wedsite.
Yes “wedsite”. Ffs Shez. Just cos you’re getting ‘attached’ doesn’t mean ‘url’ be able to make bad jokes by ‘proxy’ and blame them on being ‘linked’ to Alicia.

I’m here for two weeks, try the masala…


Week 3: Coms and Catchups

19 October, 2009 Leave a comment

Nothing humorous in week 3 so stop reading now if you came for comedy. Factual updates only.

Coms update: Mother of the groom-to-be slightly annoyed by facebook beating her to telling extended Curran family… Old brum uni friends learn about it by casually browsing to this site… other old brum uni friend learns about The News via Canada. May start sending pigeons to some sectors.

What a lovely way to end our third week of engagement –  catching up with … sang and stu, jo and gav on the ‘phone… the walkers and the luka-piepers in person and the parents to round off the weekend.  And, of course, the little singsong karaoke session on saturday and a few beers after.

Karaoke is still the most defined area of the arrangements. The date decision won’t come till later this week and as for venues, lots of good suggestions from friends, and so-far we’ve just scoped Conway Hall (big, old school, lots to be done in dressing it, but limited on the late night hours and heavy on clean-up) and the Old Bank of England (big pub in the city, good grub, needs more checking out). More to come, no doubt. To be investigated: the RSA, Bafta, Islington Town Hall, Highgate Golf Club, Newington Green Boys Social Club… Post your recommendations as comments below.

FMA still very excited by having something on her finger – but will have to wait till return from holiday.

Fun from DDB Stockholm

12 October, 2009 Leave a comment
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Week 2

11 October, 2009 Leave a comment

Week 2 concluded – and just returned from celebrating with the wider Clough clan in Oxfordshire.

Engagement present-giving is, it’s claimed, a Scottish thing and so we now benefit from the addition to our 2 households of some lovely gifts. No idea where any of it’s going to go once we combine both sets of everything… there may be a radical sorting of stuff and a bumper charity sale to be had.

Plans have been talked about – but no specifics on place or time. Only a few things are certain: a wedding ceremony, a massive party, karaoke (likely to be a first song not a first dance – start thinking of your tune now) and a cake table for everyone/anyone to bring their best work for general consumption. And death. And taxes. Oh, and we’ll toss a coin to see whose cake we cut for the pictures.

First Contact: Fr Gerard

9 October, 2009 Leave a comment

Coming to the end of week 2, I had a conversation yesterday with Fr Gerard of St. Joan of Ark’s Highbury. Arranging a time for me and FMA to go and talk to him about our impending nuptuals. At the end of the conversation, I said I’d see him on sunday and make myself known.

“I’m pretty easy to spot. Tall, red hair and a big ginger beard” says I.

“That’s funny!” says he,  “You don’t *sound* ginger.”

Sit up straight and pay attention

6 October, 2009 1 comment

Two cracking articles on our need for stimulation, searching and satisfaction – and what our use of  t’internet does for/to us.

Seeking: How the brain hard-wires us to love Google, Twitter and texting. And why that’s dangerous. By Emily Yoffe in Slate

Is Google making us stupid? by Nicholas Carr in The Atlantic

Week 1

4 October, 2009 Leave a comment

Quite a week.

Started last Sunday afternoon with a walk on Hampstead Heath.  A beautiful view over a sunny london.  2 questions: one answered no, one answered yes. The first for an ice cream, the second for a lifelong commitment.

Much excitement and a little round of applause from the other londoners enjoying the view – of me down on one knee as well as the skyline.

And so a week of a very excited FMA. Many phone calls, a tweet and a few facebook posts. Lots more questions, thoughts, some early plans.

Friday night some friends joined for a few in the pub. And this morning we went to church – to find all the readings and the sermon focussed on … yes, you guessed it, marriage.

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