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Maltesers and Redhead Advertising

25 August, 2009 Leave a comment

Not sure that this is bias for or against, but certainly an interesting use of redheads.

What was it that made the ad creative behind this advert choose an entirely redhead family? Is it simply the social stereotype that redhead = irish/scottish = catholic = no contraception = big families? and if so, should that equate to sweet toothed?

Or perhaps they are themselves of the titian community and wanted to get a new gig for all the child actors currently consigned to being cast as sub-Weasley clones.

Why are several of the little girls wearing stylised glasses? I don’t think they’re supposed to all work in hoxton, so I’m assuming it’s not a style statement – but another nod in the direction of the “ginger = gawky geek” stereotype.

The ad agency AMV BBDO have been associated with Mars/Maltesers in the past, but whether they still hold the account, I don’t know. May have to do some further digging.


NZ advertising rules

19 January, 2009 Leave a comment

Rule #1: Shout. Always. If you think you’re shouting loudly, you’re not. Shout louder. It’s like british people who can’t speak a local language when they’re oversease. When in doubt, shout slower and louder.

Rule #2: Create a banal slogan (preferably with a terrible gag in it) to go with the company name and the special offer. Then shout it.

Rule #3: If at all possible, get the owner of the company to do the ad. There are more personal endorsements on air here than when Viktor Kiam and Richard Branson were doing their worst.

Rule #4: Remember that there appears to be no regulation of taste and decency whatsoever. 10am on a Sunday morning and you will hear an ad for “Make her happy, make yourself happy. Get over that embarrassing erectile disfunction with…” on their equivalent of talksport. And of course there’s the ad for “Christchurch’s most discerning gentleman’s club.”

Rule #4a: This can be extended to the sensibilities of the inhabitants, who won’t think twice about putting rather unfortunate messages side by side. To amusing effect, though, it has to be said. See here.

Kiwi Advertising

4 January, 2009 Leave a comment

Today’s advertising gems from the land of the long white cloud were the following. You have to imagine that they’re being read in the classic shout-and-it-will-sound-exciting radio advertising technique as used in the 80s:

1. “Get down to your local movie rental store (sic) and hire two movies over two days and get one hot danish adult movie for just $1. Yes, that’s one hot adult danish movie for $1 when you rent two movies this weekend. That’s more pastry than you can handle!!” [ok, so i added the last bit myself]
Does anyone else think that sounds wrong?

I heard it on The Edge radio station, which is their equivalent to XFM, but that’s no excuse. Is there no Advertising Standards Authority?

You can add on top of that example no.2:

2. “Come to Calendar Girls – where there’s always something to see – Christchurch’s only venue for the discerning gentleman.”
Again – am I missing something? I mean, I know these Kiwis are studiously chilled – but have they no sense of propriety at all?

This was before noon, for God’s sake… not even the time to get a decent G&T inside you…

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