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Week 9 : Mum and the Merricks in Mellor

4 December, 2009 Leave a comment

My mother has a serious problem with the wedding arrangements. I’m not sure that we’ll be able to cut through it. An issue this big is difficult to trim down.

Yes, the follicular profundity worries her. Mum’s pretty good at playing things close to her chest, but with this one I can tell it really matters. “You can always grow it back after the wedding,” she says.

I’ve proposed a deal. I’ll shave if Dad grows a beard. I may even sweeten the deal by agreeing to use brylcream too.

In other news: On the 27th February, sunset will be at 1737. So no problems with darkness till we’re safely ensconsed in RIBA.

More importantly, sunrise is at 0650 and tee-off at 0730.

Final points from last week: We had the delight of being with the gang at Shelley and Simon Merrick’s wedding on Saturday. And what a day it was. After all the rain of the previous week, the skies in Mellor, Lancs were blue and beautiful. Everyone happy, most of all S&S, lovely service, great reception, top speeches and some moves on the dancefloor later. What more could one want. Pics here.

Naturally, the realisation that, before long, I’d be the one making a speech… well, there’s a spike of adrenalin just in writing that. As Sandra put it “You’re next Rich!”. <gulp>

And finally, if you haven’t seen this, I think it’s rather sweet – a knowing nod to their family use of facebook.

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