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Week 10: Hotel, Making the unjustifiable unjustifiable.

11 December, 2009 2 comments

So, church, check. Venue, check.
Nearby hotel for a whole bunch of people, check.

With (now less than) 12 weeks to go, last week’s achievement was to sort out a reasonable rate at The White House at the bottom of Regents Park, and just a stone’s throw from Portland Place and Riba. Yes, it’s the White House so anybody should be able to get in.

Feel free to call and book yourself in under the Clough/Ayers party name and at the double room rate of £130.
I know, hardly a cheap b&b, but would you believe the same price as the local holiday inn and infinitely nicer.

In other news, the FMA has been using the hunt for a photographer to practice what she’s learnt from the Official Book of Tiscali Negotiation Skills. Original copyright Mr N McCleave, 2005, with updated version by Mr R Ayers, 2009. This book is currently out of print, but I can do you a special deal and get you some notes for a very reasonable price.

Speaking of negotiation: the wedding gravy train is dispicable. You can see the pound signs in their eyes and hear the kerching in their head when you talk to any potential supplier.

Now, let’s get this straight: YOU ARE NOT A PART OF MY ‘BIG DAY’! You are a service provider in a very crowded market in a recession, aiming to deliver that service out of season. You are not a family friend. I do not know you. I do not want to know you. I could not give a toss if you go all misty eyed and ooh and aah about the arrangements and I am getting pissed off with you trying your influencing sales skills out on my fiancé. Leveraging our love and excitement about the event to maintain your margin is soulless and morally reprehensible. Pretending to share in that excitement in the hope that this will mask or indeed justify the unjustifiable 30% price rise won’t work and deserves to have forks placed between your patella and knee joint which are then twanged over-enthusiastically by my 5yr old godson Seb to the tune of Bat Out of Hell. The long version. Looped. Oh fuck it, make that Jedward singing anything *and* you’ll be in a gitmo-style stress position.

My advice? 1. Decide your budget. 2. Scope the product/suppliers who are in that range but ignore the price. 3. Then, appoint a negotiator (whether one of you two, family or friend) and let them go to it with a large hammer.

And finally, in an ironic pre-climate-change-march consumerist dash around Selfridges, The FMA, sister elder and niece elder had a very nice time being very decisive about bridesmaid stuff. Me and nephew younger went and played games and wondered why the girls’ bits of toyshops are all in pink.

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