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Week 2

11 October, 2009 Leave a comment

Week 2 concluded – and just returned from celebrating with the wider Clough clan in Oxfordshire.

Engagement present-giving is, it’s claimed, a Scottish thing and so we now benefit from the addition to our 2 households of some lovely gifts. No idea where any of it’s going to go once we combine both sets of everything… there may be a radical sorting of stuff and a bumper charity sale to be had.

Plans have been talked about – but no specifics on place or time. Only a few things are certain: a wedding ceremony, a massive party, karaoke (likely to be a first song not a first dance – start thinking of your tune now) and a cake table for everyone/anyone to bring their best work for general consumption. And death. And taxes. Oh, and we’ll toss a coin to see whose cake we cut for the pictures.

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