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Brit abroad

18 November, 2008 Leave a comment

ps. So far have come across less than 10 brits – and half of them were in Mexico City. What is it about this part of the world for us? is it not marketed? does everyone go to Goa, South Africa, US, Argentina instead if they’re prepared to do an 11 hour flight? Seems odd as I have encountered many bus-loads of french, spanish, germans, and even a number of scandos and eastern europeans. odd. M&D, you need to redress the balance.

pps. Not seen another ginge so far. you know how i like to feel special…

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los gingeros extinctos!

14 November, 2008 Leave a comment

Today I had an amazing massage and sauna – which included a late middle-aged lady called Ana beating me with some wet, hot herbs and a lot of heat in the world´s smallest sauna with a lot of rose water – so my holiday must finally have begun.

However, it was slightly disconcerting that the lady booking my massage/sauna asked me

“where do you come from”,

“london” says I,

“oh, well i thought it might be ireland or scotland with your red hair”,

“well, I have some irish family” [dad, i know that´s irrlevant, but its the easiest way to respond]

“I see. Well I was reading an article the other day about how, in 5 years people with red hair will only be 5% of the population – that you are becoming extinct. ”

You can imagine my mouth dropped open on two fronts: firstly, the use of extinct, secondly, that the issue of red head recessive genes should have stretched so far round the world. And finally, of course, I think she was being very generous, bearing in mind the number of chinese and indian gingers.

Redhead bias

25 October, 2008 Leave a comment

Those who know me also know that there are too many examples of this… and at the drop of a hat, or the drop of another glass of wine, I will tell you about many of them.

The hypothesis is simple:

Redheaded males only get cast in roles as either

a) mentally unhinged – either evil or misguided or geek-freak-beyond-belief or

b) the lovable dispensable friendly sidekick might as well go around with a sign on their head saying “going to die, or going to get kidnapped and saved by the <brown/blond/black haired> hero”

So, today saw two examples:

1. Proper Clever at Liverpool’s Playhouse. Adam Gillen did a marvellous job as Matthew – the geek freak, probably gay, definitely a bit odd. I wonder, is there a reason why casting pictures are always in black and white? is there? hmm?

2. Julian Rhind-Tutt in Merlin today.  A nice performance, as one would expect from the mop-headed one (one of the best current proponents of the ginger magic on our screens). Green Wing was masterful and he did a lot for the cause. But in this case his magician was, yes, you guessed, a psychotic revenge-seeking madman. Nice.

Mop-head magician

Mop-head magician

while I’m about it

3. The Wii. You cannot make your wii mii have red hair? Trust me, I have tried.

More anon, no doubt.

Notice, no red

Notice, no red

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