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29 January, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Something good must have happened to bring me back to the blog after 4 months. Well, it did, yesterday.

I had the pleasure of helping Max Gadney organise the inaugural Design of Understanding conference which went very well yesterday – at least the reaction on twitter seems to have been good and there are some nice notes from Eva-Lotta Lamm here. Almost half the people there were designers of one form or another – and half the speakers weren’t.

I’m a content guy and a commercial guy – a hybrid – and I’m a wannabe designer/technologist. Fifteen years of working with designers and developers of various kinds has always been fun and stimulating – and though I’ve acquired the odd skill here and there in those disciplines, I’m not a practitioner. For me the day was inspiring precisely because I was hearing from exciting people who come from an area outside my expertise.

So many ideas pop to mind, so many thoughts to follow up – so I shall eschew golf and cinema and beer this weekend and I shall be spending it online trying to get a handle on the many sparks of inspiration.

One final thought: There should be a rule that you have to go to a minimum of three conferences a year, and that two of those have to be outside your particular professional area – but in something related to your work. That’s the only way to ensure new, enlightening, inspiring perspectives. Or, at least, it’s the best way to develop yourself if, like me, you’re a hybrid.

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