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T -67 days: The man from the Vatican, he say “Yes!”

22 December, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Last Thursday morning Fr Gerard woke early, scoffed down some shredded wheat and made sure he was ready for when the post was delivered.

When he heard the postie stamp his feet outside the presbytery front door, he rushed to snatch up the clutch of post as it fell through the letter box.

Discarding the church heating bills, Fr G frantically flipped through the pile looking for the letter that would determine the fate (or at least the date) of the Ayers/Clough wedding. There hadn’t been this much excitement since he was sent those Kylie tickets for the O2.

And there it is!!
He grabs up the letter with the seal and rips it open to see what the Diocesan guardians have to say after their investigations into Ayers marriage v1.0.

Will they give the all clear? Can plans proceed and dates be set? Or do they need to dig a little deeper?? Fr G can hardly bear the tension.

But there it is, in plain black and white!
Yes! It’s a Yes! “Wahey! Geronimo! Fandabidosy!,” he shouts and rushes to the phone. Luckily he has me on speed-dial so gets straight through and gives me the good news.

Ok, so perhaps that isn’t exactly how it happened. But why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

Either way, and despite knowing that everything was fine, it was still a great relief to get the Papal signoff to get married on 27th Feb, and very good of Fr Gerard to make sure he called as soon as he found out. It means we can now crack on. And it’s exciting.

The time is also set now at 3.30pm in St Joan of Arc.

From there we jump on some routemasters down to RIBA in Portland place, so although you could drive, I’d recommend public transport if you can. More details on parking etc will be on the wedding info page as and when we have them.

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