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Week 3: Coms and Catchups

19 October, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Nothing humorous in week 3 so stop reading now if you came for comedy. Factual updates only.

Coms update: Mother of the groom-to-be slightly annoyed by facebook beating her to telling extended Curran family… Old brum uni friends learn about it by casually browsing to this site… other old brum uni friend learns about The News via Canada. May start sending pigeons to some sectors.

What a lovely way to end our third week of engagement –  catching up with … sang and stu, jo and gav on the ‘phone… the walkers and the luka-piepers in person and the parents to round off the weekend.  And, of course, the little singsong karaoke session on saturday and a few beers after.

Karaoke is still the most defined area of the arrangements. The date decision won’t come till later this week and as for venues, lots of good suggestions from friends, and so-far we’ve just scoped Conway Hall (big, old school, lots to be done in dressing it, but limited on the late night hours and heavy on clean-up) and the Old Bank of England (big pub in the city, good grub, needs more checking out). More to come, no doubt. To be investigated: the RSA, Bafta, Islington Town Hall, Highgate Golf Club, Newington Green Boys Social Club… Post your recommendations as comments below.

FMA still very excited by having something on her finger – but will have to wait till return from holiday.

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