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A tot is enough

3 February, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Wadi Rum is a wonderful protected desert area where the rocks erupt magnificently from the desert. Deserts are wonderful anyway – the stars, the silence, the views, but add in dramatic rock formations to climb and find a perch to watch the sun go down and it’s a treat.

I’m not sure it added much to the experience, but knowing that some of the 70’s glamrock movie masterpiece JC Superstar was filmed here, I took the chance to make the rocks echo with Judas’ opening number. To paraphrase someone, the rocks themselves cried out – though I’m not sure for the right reasons. They’re lucky I didn’t do the Ciaphas bit.

The processes for sorting a trip are clear – find someone to do a trip with and book before you get to the visitor centre or, as the guides and 4WDs are priced on time not number of persons, you will get done. I minimised the fleecing. Up side: I had my own clapped out toyota land cruiser (no ignition key – hotwired) and guide (Tezir), downside: it cost more than I’d hoped.

But with Tezir as my guide scrambling up one of the mountains, Jebel Budhar, and seeing the sights of Wadi Rum, I had a whale of a time. For me it was less about seeing Lawrence’s House (aka Lawrence’s low defensive walls) but more about just being in the desert. But my £75 included chicken curry and being ‘serenaded’ (loosest terms) by Tezir’s frenetic lute playing after dinner before reading by firelight and an early bed with one of the locals. a cat.

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