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I’m in (iPhone) heaven

15 November, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Picking up hotel wifi connections, taking decent quality pictures which can then be sent straight to flickr, playing me my ‘get by in spanish’ course, playing random tunes from it’s surprisingly dcent quality speaker and… my favourite new thing: I can record audio in decent enough quality using the iTalk app.

Last night recorded a xylopohne band, some traditional music, and a 10-man street party band. 

De Botton’s point, echoing Ruskin, in Art of Travel is that we should not so much seek to possess the beauty and the experience of travel by relinquishing all our attentive capabilities to modern technology – and i totally agree. In my photography I have always tried to capture just enough of the feeling of a moment or a place so that it will act as a fulfilling psychological prompt.

But the beauty of this one device is that it has just given me a new way, through audio, to retain the experience and re-live it at a later date.

I took heed of Mr Fry’s advice but have no need of a laptop. And forgetting the charger for my camera is, in a way, a godsend as it forces me to be even more economical with time and my attempts to capture experience.

There are problems of course – the processor just isn’t powerful enough to handle this blog page – and so i have to revert to the “tradition” of the net cafe – for example. But for now, it’s a blessing.

  1. Ferg
    21 November, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    Couldn’t agree more, stripping yourself of the advantages of modern life is rather like the (inevitable) travelier-than-thou hippies you WILL meet who think that travelling on the chicken bus is the only authentic way to experience a country; despite the fact that they are not only inconveniencing the poor who have no choice in what transport they take but also spend no money and thus wasting everyone’s time, space and oxygen. I say make a positive impact in developing/3rd world nations: Go 1st Class!

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